460 GTX SLI Driver Issues

Running 2 460 GTXs in SLI. This works fine when I'm using drivers 275.53, but when I go into the 280.xx or the 290.xx drivers I run into some issues.

When I try to run SLI with the 280/290.xx drivers when I try to do some video playback say on youtube or through WMP the driver crashes and I usually have to do a hard reboot. But when I disable SLI with these drivers I can play videos back and use youtube without a problem.

So whats the problem here the SLI gaming works fine with the old drivers I'm using atm but when I update to the newer/beta drivers the shat hits the fan. Have a 650 Watt PSU so that shouldn't be the issue also have sufficient cooling for the GPUS.

Did some troubleshooting...
- Updated to the 290.53 drivers still facing the video playback problem and BF3 just goes to a black screen and I have to ctrl-alt-del to stop the process

- I have tested a few other games including Skyrim all which run find with the SLI settings using the 290.53 driver

- When using the 275.53 BF3 would run but it would crash frequently where the game would freeze and I'd have to ctrl-alt-del to stop the process

- BF3 will run with SLI disabled on the 290.53 Drivers but won't run with SLI enabled on the 290.53 Drivers

- No video playback issues when SLI is DISABLED with 290.53 drivers

Any feedback or diagnostic tests to run are greatly appreciated, just got this new rig along with BF3 and its very disappointing to find out that I can't play BF3 more than ~30minutes and now I can't even start it up with the new drivers.

I know I can rollback to my old drivers but whats the point the game is still crashing frequently.
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  1. Fixed the video playback on the internet issue by disabling hardware acceleration in the flash player...still getting TDRs in WMP and problems still persisting with BF3
  2. Am now running 285.62 drivers running BF3 with SLI turned off and its running great...but I want SLI on.

    When I enable SLI and try to play BF3 I get to the loading screen the game is about to load and then my monitor starts blinking different shades of black and I have to reboot my computer...

    Any idea what could be the cause of this....SLI is running great with Skyrim
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