PSU to go with my setup

So i read somewhere that CoolerMaster GX 750w is a crappy one for my setup and I should get a 80+ Bronze Certificate or something, here's my build

Intel DX58SO
Sapphire HD7870
23inch Samsung LED

currently i'm using a ThermalTake Lite 600w which has been around with me for almost 1 and half years now(Planning to Crossfire), wanted to get a new one preferably around 700-750w but I don't know what to get(Considered getting CM GX 750w, upon many websites I've visited, there are alot of people not liking this PSU)
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  1. A system with a single HD 7870 requires a 500W PSU with at least 28A on the 12V rails and one 75W 6-pin PCIe power connector.

    A system with two HD 7870s running in two-way Crossfire mode requires a 600W PSU with at least 40A on the 12V rails and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors.

    There are three models of the Thermaltake Lite power 600W. The LT-600 and LT-600P are made by Solytech and the W0356 is made by HEC. All three have at least 40A on the 12v rails, sufficient PCIe power connectors and technically meet the minimum requirements for an HD 7870 Crossfire setup. I consider your current PSU to be best. I do recommend upgrading to a good quality PSU, but you can stick with a good-quality 600-650W PSU. Something like the Seasonic S12II-620: or the Corsair TX650V2: are both sufficient for your build and great quality PSUs. If you're not purchasing in the US then give us a site to look on and help you select a PSU.

    This is store roughly represents everything than you can find in our market, those not here are either not sold or only on order basis.

    I'm seriously considering tx650 now
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    I have the 520W version of this Seasonic M12II-620: Outstanding PSU and I'd highly recommend it. You'd be good with this or the TX650; this one saves you some money and is modular. If you want to save even more with a great PSU, then go with the S12II-620: The only difference is that the M12II-620 has modular cabling...I'd save the PHP1300 and get the S12II-620. That is by far the best PSU for the money on that site.
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