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I have AMD hd 6870 graphic card..whenever i play games it make loud buzing type noise, its not from fan as i manually set the fan speed to 100% and still there was no much noise, but when ever i play games it makes huge noise..what should i do
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  1. What is happing is when you put a load on the card it wants to make the fan go faster but the fan is already at max so thats when you hear the buzz. It is the fan and as time goes on it will get worse.

    The first sign will be when you just turn it on and the buzz will start then. If the fan fails you will overheat your card and then it will be nogood after that. It is not the blades that are making the noise. It is the little motor and what is going on inside it.
  2. if it was fan then at idle condition fan is automatically set to 22% but just to check i increased it to 100%, that sound is NOT buzzing but air cutting sound, but when i play games or put load on the card, the auto fan speed is still <30% but the buzzing sound starts.
  3. It is hard to explain it. When my cards get a load its like they bog down in sound. which is putting stress on the armacher that is part of the shaft inside the housing. when the incress of watts it causes the shaft to woble thus making the noise under load. LIke I said it is hard to explain it. I wish you good luck on this
  4. thanx..finally i know the reason..but does that also means that nothing can be done to supress sound.
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    it's capacitor time your can buy gigabyte/asus VGA own design card.
    the bad capacitor have this problem...
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