Does windows xp support A6-3670K Unlocked

I am trying to install xp on gigabyte motherboard, AMD quad processor with 8 gigs of ram. It keeps giving me a blue screen and saying that there are hardware issues. HELP PLEASE
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  1. The APU should work on Windows XP yes. Windows XP 32 bit, however does not support more than 3GB of RAM.

    What are you're bluescreen causes? Your suspicion is probably correct, that Windows XP is not going to work, with the system as a whole. What version of XP are you trying to install?
  2. Windows does not support processors, processors support windows. In other words windows is based on an x86 architecture (which has been used in every major processor from the 8086 until now), and will run on any chip that follows that similar x86 design. Sort answer: yes, you can run WinXP on the board.

    There may well be hardware issues. Let us know your CPU, mobo, ram, gpu, other system specs, and a little more detail about the error you are receiving and we may be able to pin down the specific issue.

    Most blue screens (BSoD Blue Screen of Death) are due to bad Ram, or a bad motherboard. put memtest86+ on a CD and run it in the PC for ~4 hours per stick of ram you have to see if the ram is OK, if that does not turn up anything then it is likely the motherboard, but there are other tests to perform to confirm that.

    As Nekulturny said; XP will only do ~3.4GB of ram due to it only being able to address a 32bit memory space. There is an XP 64bit out there... but it is a little buggy, and it can be difficult to get drivers to work properly for it. I would highly suggest moving up to Win7Home 64bit to get the most out of the hardware you have purchased because win7 will also support other technologies (like USB3) better than XP will.
  3. Why are you determined to use XP in the first place? 64 bit support is awful (worse than Vista x64) and the OS is already a decade old. I've found that, with rare exceptions, it is a mistake to use XP for anything these days. Win7 just works better.
  4. In other words, it's up to the hardware manufacturers to provide compatible XP drivers.
    But even then, when you install XP onto the hardware, it has to properly detect what hardware it is being installed on. It's NOT going to do that so you have to do a manual installation, using a slipstreamed copy of XP.
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