Wireless connection question!

So I'm browsing newegg, looking for a wireless adapter to connect to the local connection at my mothers house, but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I understand that for some adapters that connect via PCI and USB require a CD and things of the such to install correctly. Well, I run Ubuntu 11.04 on my desktop and was wondering if there is a PCI (or USB; would rather PCIe or something of the such) adapter that doesn't require a CD to install and is compatible for Linux distributions without needing to configure a bunch of stuff? An example being 'a netbook.' You can install whatever onto it and the wireless adapter will read off the motherboard (however the architecture is setup). If someone could help me, could they direct me to what I'm looking for at newegg or another good site they know of that caries this product? I'm getting a new ASUS motherboard and AMD Athlon II processor soon, so my budget is a bit "tight."

Thanks in advance!
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