New Server build to host multiple VMWare images

I'm looking for recommendations for a new server build to host multiple VMWare images. I'd like to run somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 images each requiring in the neighborhood of 4-8 GB of memory. I'm assuming vt-d technology would be very useful. If that's the case, what CPU and motherboard would be recommended. I'll need a board that supports at least 64 GB of memory.

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  1. to recommend cpu(s) we would need the workload the vSessions would be handling. As for motherboard I think you'll be looking at a server board (and processor).
  2. what kind of workload specs would you need. The images will be largely running WebSphere (java) based apps that are memory constrained. Not so much CPU. What kind of server board and processor would you thinking of?

  3. how many apps per vsession?

    When it comes to server boards your choices drop dramatically over desktop boards. Will you need ECC ram?
  4. Probably not.
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