Thunderbolt displays on non-Mac?

Does anybody know of a way to use Apple's Thunderbolt displays with a PC?

Perhaps a converter for mini-displayport cards or an adapter which will pass the DVI signal through to the Thunderbolt display?

Long story short, we have some Apple Thunderbolt displays but no way of driving them (and no easy way of returning them without taking a financial hit).

I've searched around and found this article:,news-37406.html

So it looks like we'll have to wait until April at the earliest for any PC compatible hardware to become available. Any suggestions how we can get this working would be most welcome! (Ideally without buying a load of Macbook Pros!) :pt1cable:

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  1. When Ivy Bridge comes out there will be some Mobos with Thunderbolt on them, and your display will work with those. There may also be some Thunderbolt PCIe expansion cards at that point as well (for a premium price, but cheaper than a Mac). Until then you may be up a creek as apple has exclusive rights to Thunderbolt at the moment.
    They are really nice displays, it may be worth the wait and the upgrade.
  2. Thanks caedenv, looks like we're out of luck for now then.

    Cheers anyway.
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