No hdmi output windows 7

please help me with this issue i cannot find anything helpful after hours of searching on google relating to this issue

my card: geforce gt 545 oem 3gb (taken out of another pc that my friend gave to me)
os: win 7 ultimate 64 bit
cpu: xeon x3430
ram: 8gb ddr3
board: msi socket 1156 for xeon cpu

i've twice installed latest drivers GeForce 285.62 Driver

i've been into nvidia control panel and then setup multiple monitors & it only detects my other vga monitor not the hdmi one

i'm using a brand new hdmi cable & can confirm i've connected it to the correct hdmi connector on my monitor, it has 2 hdmi ports and i've tried both

when i go into device manager & display adapters there is only 1 adapter that says nvidia geforce gt 545, should there be another 1 for the hdmi?

i'm out of options, i even work in i.t as a breakfix engineer coming across similar issues like this but i cannot deal with this & really need some help so i'm really hoping someone will help me out here

i'm wondering if its anything to do with my other hardware such as the xeon cpu? (a longshot but i've only just built this pc & never built a xeon system before & would normally go for core i5 or core i7)
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  1. I'm trying to find the model card that you have and can you tell me what the available ports are on the card. I found one card with one HDMI and two DVI and another card with one HDMI , one vga and one DVI. Also none of the cards had 3gb of vram.
    Did you try connecting the second monitor by DVI?
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