Core i3 processor temperature

i3-2120 processor temperature????
My processor temperature showing 80 degree C..
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  1. hi, thats a bit hot for an i3 system, did you custom build it or is it an OEM build?

    i would get a can of compressed gas (you should be able to pick one up almost anywhere) open up your case, and clean out some of the dust
  2. With the Intel® Core™ i3-2120 80c would be high under load. I would expect to see temperatures in the 60s with the stock cooler.

    I would guess that you just build this and the stock HSF (heatsink/fan) isnt seated well. To test this reach in and see if you can pull any of the twist clips straight up. If you can pull any of them then the HSF was seated well and you are going to want to reseat it.

    If this isnt the case check the program that you are getting the temperature reading from with another to check to make sure they match up.
  3. For comparison, all my i3-21xx builds idled @ high 30sC, and peaked at low 60sC w/stock cooling in a well ventilated case. This was as per Core Temp's readings.
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