New graphic card, no display.

I have an old alienware wit ha Asus M3A32 MVP Deluxe, I had two ATI Radeon Hd4850 CF before, but now I bought a Sapphire HD6870, but when i plugged it in and all, I get no display, If i change back I get a picture. I have uninstalled all drivers.

If it matters, I have a AMD Phenom X4 2.5 ghz.
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  1. Whats Your Current Operating System?, Kinda would give me a Starting point for trouble Shooting Process
  2. Windows 7 64, but I cant even get any screen for Bios
  3. I tihnk so, I had one of those in each of my other cards, so i just took those two and plugged into my new one, my old used one of those, and my new uses two.
    the fan on my new spins btw.
  4. What is your power supply? Also, double check if you really turned it on.
  5. its an alienware 700W PSU, and what did you mean by, if its on, it got the exact sound as it has when it powers up, and if i quickly change, it starts.
  6. My bad in wording. I meant to say make sure you plugged in power connectors to the graphics card.
  7. New graphics card might be bad. Any chances you could try it in another computer?
  8. gave it too my friend who took it home and tested, works for him. I live at my boarding school atm so i only have one computer here. ***, was almost hoping the card was the problem XD any ideas?
  9. Hmm make sure the card is seated all the way.. Also try putting in your old 4850 and see if it works..
  10. I have, and it works with the old card, it worked fine in his computer. and its connected as it should and all, everything is perfect it gotta be some software problem
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