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Hello, I buy some computer components, and made a new computer.
I elected AMD Buldozer FX 4100 (4*3.6 GHZ)
ASus Am3+ motherboard
Nvidia Geforce 210, 512 MB
and used an old harddisk

I tried to watch some Youtube clips, and get some BSOD, 116 eror.

So I selected Low Performance Profile, and make the Windows 7 without any quality look, and get in the last time almost no BSD, after that.

What can I do ? Change the videocard ? or to select low profile ?
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  1. What is your power supply? Did you install the latest drivers from
  2. BSOD means that your system is not stable, this is generally caused by bad RAM, but can also be caused by any number of bad hardware components. It is sadly 'normal' to recieve bad ram, no matter the brand these days. I suppose it is the price to pay for Ram costing so little these days, but that is most likely your problem. Run memtest x86+ overnight (or at least 8 hours) and see if that finds any problems.

    Did you do a fresh installation of Windows with this build? Windows will not run properly on a different motherboard than what it was originally installed on.
  3. Sunius said:
    What is your power supply? Did you install the latest drivers from

    Power Supply :

    Sursa Inter-Tech SL-700, 700W 179,99 Lei (50-60 $)

    i have installed drivers from cd, and from nvidia.
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