Help! Can't get past BIOS and its getting worse!

Originally I couldn't get past the BIOS.

This is a new build. And I've been trying to install the OS. The BIOS shows the SSD and the DRW. But when I attempt to boot from either the screen just goes black. No list of hardware or drivers just black screen. The OS is in the DRW but nothing happens.

I can hear the DRW working extra hard to do something to no avail.

Now my USB ports aren't working and I can't even press Delete to get into BIOS. Furthermore it looks like my power button is starting to not work. ARRRGH!! Will have to go back and check connections. But the tower hasn't moved or been disturbed.

From the BIOS everything appears to working fine--CPU, DDR3, drives recognized, etc...


4x16GB Corsair Vengeance
Corsair HX750
5770 Radeon
Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower

attempting to install branded OEM Win 7 x64
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  1. ryanjh said:
    Originally I couldn't get past the BIOS...

    ...attempting to install branded OEM Win 7 x64
    If "branded" means the OS came from an HP, Lenovo, or Compaq, for example, it will not work on your new system. Get a legitimate version of W7, either an OEM or Retail, and install that OS to your system.
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