What do the lights on HAF 922 mean?

It isn't in the manual and I know the left red led is for power and right is for HDD but I was downloading something big and left for 6 hours and when I got back my computer was off but that red led on the left was blinking...
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  1. If I were to guess I would think the system went into sleep\hybination. What happens when you hit the power button?
  2. sounds like a standby or hibernate or if it wont come back on with mouse movement or keyboard or power button it may have over heated. when my pc does it everything looks normal on the case but the only thing getting power is my fans plugged into the hub.
  3. Its "sleep" on my 932

    edit - hybernate should shut down the pc so its definitely not that.
    To resume from sleep I have it setup to push the power button or press both mouse buttons simultaneously.
  4. as popatim said id check your power options setting and check the conditions that are set
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