Unable to overclock i5 3570k

I bought the i5 3570k today as ive seen its compatible with all z68 boards, But i can't overclock it...

Motherboard - GA-Z68AP-D3 (rev. 1.0)

It only goes to 3.8ghz and thats the turbo speed, is there any other was to get it to overclock? i have the newest BIO's F8
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  1. Perhaps you betrter explain how you are overclocking it?
    Normally you just up the cpu multiplier but I'm not familiar with that board and cant walk you thru it.
  2. Sorry, yes im just upping the cpu ratio but it only goes from 16-38. It isnt letting me go any higher. i havent touched the BLK clocks.
  3. you cant go past 3.8ghz on that board with that ivybridge cpu--the multipliers locked out at 38

    you need to have Beta-BIOS'es for these boards that completely wipe+flash from Award to AMI BIOS

  4. Is it easy to do? ive been flashing it via @bios server so thats easy. would it be better to just get a z77 board?
  5. Oh and does that mean they might be releasing them if there in beta?
  6. i have a z68 asus maximus gene z board and ve got mines clocked at 4ghz. i had to turn off turbo mode to be able to overclock it.
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