Compaq Presario SR2163WM will not power on after local power outage...

I have a Compaq Presario SR2163WM desktop. Yesterday the power went out in my area for a couple of hours. After the power returned, my pc would not power on. Everything else that was in the same power strip works just fine and the breaker never even popped. I am just learning about computers (ITT) and have a little previous knowledge. There is no power switch on my PSU, just a plug and green led. The led was flashing. I did some research on Compaqs website and it states the led should stay lit solid green, NO FLASHING. I attempted to reseat all ram and cards, checked all cabling and still will not power on. I tested my PSU with a tester and it was fine. When I disconnected all cables from drives and the mobo, the PSU light stayed solid green. I then started connecting cables back one by one while watching the led. Everything was leaving the led solid UNTIL I attempted to attach the 24 pin connector to the mobo. As soon as I did that, it started flashing again. The website suggested it was a bad mobo. I went to a local PC repair shop where we performed the same test again...same results. He also thought it was a fried mobo. I bought a brand new mobo (all correct specs) and it still will not power on. Nothing has changed. I dont know what else to do. Can anyone help? he board specs (new & old) are Micro ATX, 775 socket, Intel chipset.
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  1. Did you test the power supply? Did you reset the board bios by removing the motherboard battery with the power supply unplugged?
  2. I tested the psu with a tester and paperclip test, it seemed to pass. The pc repair guy tested it as well and said it was fine. I did not pull the battery however i did install a new mobo.
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