Firewire and Parallel port prob

Today I installed a Firewire card in my system (abit BH6 motherboard, Win ME) for my new webcam. I have an old zip drive attached to the parallel port, when I installed the card it now does not recognize the zip drive at all. Webcam runs great.

In the device manager under SCSI controlers it has the yellow ! sign saying that the zip drive isn't present or not working. What could be the problem?

I don't want to have purchase a firewire zip drive because both of my usb slots are taken up and i'm not going to get a usb card just to cause more problems and more money. Actually, I just prefer to keep my slow parallel one.

Anyone know what is going on? Please help! TY

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  1. Bearing in mind I know sod all about firewire...

    Is your parallel port on IRQ 7 and your firewire port on the same?

    If there is an IRQ conflict, in the BIOS set your parallel port IRQ to 'legacy/ISA' or somesuch and Windows should allocate your firewire card a non-conflicting resource.

    Apologies if this is irrelevant, just a shot in the dark.
  2. Nah the parallel is on irq 7 alone. irq 11 uses the firewire card, Creative CT6941 (geforce card), and irq holder for pci steering whatever the hell that is heh. Everything checks out ok in the system diagnostics. hmmm

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