Do I have the correct power supply?

I'm a little bit worried that I might not have enough wattage for my PC. My motherboard is Asrock Extreme 970 AM3+, my graphics is AMD 6770, my cpu is AMD FX 4100, my memory is 2 sticks of DDR3, I have one CD/DVD burner, and my power supply has a 450w max. I've used the power supply calculators but I don't trust them. Do I have more than enough wattage? Because that is what I want.
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  1. If your power supply is 450w max, it MIGHT mean that it is less than that rating for continuous power. That would put it at the borderline of being acceptable. If you are not having any symptoms of being short on power, such as random shut offs, then I'd say you're OK.
  2. Actually I haven't gotten my build yet. Nothing bad has occured because nothing has occured.
  3. Should be ok. Of course, it depends on the quality of the model.
  4. Its a Cooler Master GX Series 450W Bronze.
  5. Yeah, that's not a bad model, I had my phenom ii x4 OC'd and an HD 6870 with an Antec Earthwatts 430W PSU for about a year, worked well for me.
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