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AMD or NVidia

hello everyone,
i want to buy a new VGA card and i asked here in the forum and you told me that the HD 6850 is a good choice according to my budget
but when i searcher i found that AMD doesn't support Physx and the main purpose of buying a new card is for games
but i don't have much experience and don't know if the physx effect is so much important in games or not (i don't know what it does but people want it too much :D )
and don't know if this reason should prevent me from buying AMD and search for an equivalent NVidia card.
so please help me choose what to do
some info if you want it
mobo : gigabyte ep43-ds3l
processor: q9550
monitor: samsung 20 inch
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    for the most part it doesn't matter... but here is a list of games that support physx if you're not playing a bunch of these then it really doesn't matter...
  2. most games do not support physX, though the list is slowly building, and it does look pretty damn awesome when it is in use.

    If you are not in a rush AMD is currently releasing their 7000 series, and nVidia will be releasing their 600 series ~April, so perhaps a mid end one of them may suit your needs better, or will at least push down the price of the current gen cards.
  3. OP you need to do some reading for yourself and you should assess the gpus on an individual basis, both companies come out with good and bad cards from time to time...
  4. i could go a little higher on budget and get the regular GeForce GTX 560 (not the TI version)
    but the problem is i have Antec earthwatts EA-500D GREEN and i don't know if i could run this card with this PSU or i should get another PSU
    if the PSU isn't enough so i won't think about the 560 gtx :)
    so what do you think?
    does the price difference worth it or should i get the 6850
    the problem is that my 9800 gt is destroyed and i am running the PC without a graphic card :D
    so i must get it very soon :)
    i am searching for 2 days now
    from what i found in a lot of sites and people opinions that the 6850 is a very good choice but i want to get a final answer before i buy the card and regret it after that
  5. @TheToMB
    Your PSU is OK for this cards.
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