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Ok this is a pretty complicated question. I just built my first computer and I dont have an OS yet. I do have 2 copies on Win XP Home Edition that I found that I may or may not have installed yet. Now I'm also a college student and I was going to buy the Win 7 Professional Upgrade online from digital river or something. It comes with a download for your computer and a disk kit for 13 dollars more that they ship to you. Thing is, this will be a CLEAN INSTALL on a brand new terabyte harddrive. I have read about people doing clean installs with the DISK of Win 7 Upgrade Media, but it seems too complicated. I also know that the best way to upgrade Win XP to Win 7 was to do a clean install and backup your files, yada yada yada. But Im not going to have anything stored on Win XP.

Simply put, I want to install Win XP Home Edition, connect to the internet, download the Win 7 upgrade media. And install that. Comprende?

Can I do that??

P.S. I need Win 7 because I have a blazing fast quad-core gaming computer with a ATI 5870, which is a DX11 card and I want support for that aswell. And XP is starting to disapear.
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  1. You should be just fine. I've installed Win7 from within XP before with no problem. That was to a different partition than XP was on, though. To be safe, I would create create bootable media from your download and use that to install Win7. In case you didn't already know, XP does qualify as a "previous version of Windows" required for the upgrade license.
  2. You can upgrade to Win7 very well without any complications from XP as you u said.
    Make sure that you have that Win 7 upgrade media in bootable hard copy. otherwise you won't succeed.

    All the best!
  3. Go over to www.sevenforums.com

    Look in install section of forum.......has complete step by step instructions to install / upgrade every possible way.
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