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Tryin to bypass my admin password

can anyone help me bypass my password!?!
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    Sorry, we can't help with that. Site rules.
  2. No. We don't help people hack into computers, even if they claim it to be their own. Sorry.
  3. No, we wouldn't want you to be able to change your advanced mouse settings or anything else criminal like that on the computer that your employer provided for you to do your job.

    Perhaps you can call your company's IT support line and try to explain what you would like to do. Next they will they clear your browser's cache and reset it to its default settings. Finally they ask your to fill out the survey on how well they solved your problem. Oh yes and about those mouse settings - maybe they will listen to you next time you call the help line; however, they most probably they will clean up and defragment your hard disk.
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