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What to choose?

I´m playing in a 17 inch monitor at 1280x1024 expecting to upgrade to a 20 inch 1600x900 soon and i´m wondering if get a hd 6850 or wait to the hd 7770 my budget is 150 +/- 15 dollars

my specs are:

athlon 2 x3 440
asrock n68-s ucc
2gb ddr2 800
hd 5670 512 mb
ocz modsxtream pro 500w

i´m hoping to play games like, the witcher 2 , mass effect 3, battlefield 3, batman arkham city, skyrim everything max out with filters.
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    Yeah, wait for the 7770. The newer achitecture will be better for newer games, and both cards should be within your budget. Also great for your resolution. You may also consider a Phenom II X4.
  2. I say you wait for the 7770 cards to come out. I don't expect it to fall in your price range, but it should push down the price of 6870s a little so you can get one of those :D.
  3. ^+1+1
    I agree to wait but the price is some where around 150 dollars the 7750 is 140 dollars. Now if you go the other way the 7870 looks like 249 dollars the 7850 is about 230 dollars. That is what they are estimating them to be.

    The PSU you have is on the tier 3 list it is on the line between good and bad. So before you buy any of the 7xxx series make sure that PSU will drive the new card. Here is a link to the list. The list has been arouund a long time but it is still a good tool to use.
  4. you can wait for the 7000 series cards . you can have more choices and lower prices at 6000 series~~~
  5. well i really looked about that psu before the purchase, in secret hardware it got good points and for 55 dollars it was a good deal but give me that link to check that out
  6. I guess I forgot the link well here it is sorry about that. Thats what happen's when you get old. Also depending what the watts or amps that GPU will require and if the amps on the 12v rail will be enough. You might be OK but again we are talking about money invested. Good luck to ya
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