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Why does a gigabyte amd radeon hd 6670 not have a crossfirex plug?

I have a Gigabyte AMD radeon hd 6670 graphics card and I'm about to get another one so I can crossfire it with ATI crossfirex. But it has no port to plug in a crossfirex bridge. So I'd like to know if it needs a crossfirex bridge. Also it did say on it's own webpage, that it is ATI crossfirex enabled. So don't say it's not please.
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  1. If you got crossfire bridge with you card, it should work. Try to find it in the manual.

    I can't help more as I don't have that card.
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    Actually, I belive those lower end cards don't require a Xfire bridge because it uses so little bandwidth on the PCI-E bus (they are low end video cards).

    The real question is does your motherboard support Xfire? What is your mobo?
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  4. Thanks my board does support it. The guy at the shop said it is hyper crossfirex. So that's prettey cool.
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