Best SLI match for a HAWK GTX 460

Currently have a HAWK GTX 460 1gig. Mostly likely buying a sabertooth x58 and a crucial M4. Thinking about getting another gtx 460 for SLI but everywhere i look they are either $200+ or are sold out/deactivated.

Anyone know a similar card/manufacturer with same quality that i can check out?

Thanks a ton
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  1. This is the clostest I could get to your hawk. If you put this in the first PCIe x 16 and make the hawk the second one that way the second one will do the same as the first one. I hope this helps a little. These are in stock and at a price you can afford.
  2. ^That won't work, the 192 bit cards don't SLI with the 256 bit cards. You would need this one, although it's not as good as the hawk and is overpriced:

    Or go the ebay route...
  3. I am sorry I didn't see that you are right it won't work and I thought I had found the answer. Sorry for that. I will keep on looking.
  4. Ok i think i might try for that ebay one. Should i put the newer card in the primary slot?
  5. If you think the thermal paste on yours has dried up and it doesn't cool as well as it used too it might make sense, but it probably doesn't make any difference, the primary card is going to run hotter regardless of what you do, but Hawks have good coolers so you should be fine.
  6. ^+1
    Run the Hawk in the first slot then see how they preform. Then swap them out and see how that goes. Which ever combo gives you the better graphics even if it is so small you can't see it but if it is bench marked then go that route. I hope this all works out for you good luck
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