CPU Cooler for i5-3450?

I'm not sure if the stock cooler will be enough.

So I have a mATX H77 and a cooler master 430 with 2 fans. I obviously can't overclock so is there a point in a cpu cooler? I'd rather not spend over $20 on it. Will a CPU cooler at that price provide any noticeable difference compared to the stock one? Do I have to buy thermal paste?

I'll be playing games on a single 1080p monitor with a mid-range graphics card.

I live in Canada if you are suggesting one! I don't have the 3450 yet.
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  1. If you're not gonna overclock it, im sure the stock cooler one will work fine...
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    You cant overclock on an H77 board anyways, stick with the stock cooler unless its too noisy.
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