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Hi, im thinking of building a gaming pc and want to know if these components will work togethor along with windows 7. Cm haf 912 plus, i5 3570k , asrock z77 extreme 4 ,corsair gs 800w psu , 8 gb g-scill ripjaw x ram , asus 6870 , samsung 128gb 830 ssd and dvd drive i plan on changing gpu in a year or 2 i know its a big psu but i might crossfire when i get new gpu thanks in advance
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  1. looks good thou you might want to throw in a cpu cooler like the 212+/Evo and two 200mm fans (put one up top and one in front moving the front 120 to the side panel.)
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    yeah, but like you said yourself, the weakest link is the gpu. though at the same price, the psu you picked isnt the best of quality and you really dont need 800w unless you are crossfiring/sli 3 mid range cards or 2 high end cards + weak physx card.
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