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I'm building a new rig and I have everything down except the GPU and I'm afraid my budget is too low. I would like to keep the price as close as possible to 100 USD if at all possible. I like to pretend I'm pretty knowledgeable about computers but I'm just not as familiar with video cards as I am other components. Can any one help me out? 

I have an ATI Radeon HD 3850 IceQ3 from HIS.
It's the TurboX (pre overclocked) one so the engine clocks at 735 MHz and the memory clocks at 1.96 GHz. I'm using a 1680x1050s screen and I do a lot of gaming.
Here is the Mobo and CPU that I'll be upgrading to because I thought it was relevant: 
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  1. 550 Ti or 6850

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