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I have had my L702x for almost a year now and since about december i have had a micro stuttering problem that wont go away. ive tried every fix on the dell forum for this problem, with not one fix. It happens all the time, playing games, opening apps, listening to music, surfing the web, watching videos or a combination of any of the above.

i had the motherboard and audio replaced by dell which did nothing. i have a warranty so i just need to know what to yell at them about. can i test a clean install of windows without affecting my current install. if it is a software issue it will make itself present there.

there is some more information on the problem.

i want to use this computer to do live dj sets and if its stuttering that will never happen and its basicly a waste of money.
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  1. Hi, microstutter is something you get when you run a pair of midrange video cards together in a gaming config. I don't think you are getting that with your laptop, and it wouldn't happen when you were doing 2D operations like listening to music.

    "i want to use this computer to do live dj sets and if its stuttering that will never happen " This seems reasonable.

    Most times a pause when you are switching workloads is because you need to read thigns from teh disk. Look at your laptop when you switch tasks. Is the hard disk light flashing? A pause while data is read off the hard drive is very normal. Some people (liek me) buy a solid state hard drive for their laptop. That gets rid of most but not all of the delay.

    For Live DJ sets you want a stripped version of windows that does not start anything except the program you want to run to play the music. Turn off internet. You won't see any stuttering.
  2. the problem eventually fixed itself. dont ask me how because i dont know. but im guessing it was a driver problem or something. i did notice though that when im on battery i get it happen a bit so i started to think that i was a power supply issue. but hey its working so i should just shut my mouth and be satisfied
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