Installed a HD6850: One boot per CMOS clear ??

Hi all,

I've just installed a new Sapphire HD6850 into my old system, and it's causing some really weird behaviour. After clearing the CMOS by removing the battery, the system boots (to Windows XP, which then wants to install drivers). If I then reboot, for whatever reason, the system does NOT boot anymore. There's no beeps at all, but all fans and lights are on.

The fact the it still boots indicates to me that nothing is fried (*sigh of relief*) but I don't get what's causing it to fail after that initial boot. Or how clearing the CMOS solves that unknown problem again. I know the other components are all fairly old, so maybe there's some issue there... ?

My system is:
Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU
MSI P45 Neo3 mobo
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
2x2GB Kingston DDR2 RAM

And the old graphics card was an Asus HD4850.

Many, many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

Koen Hendrix
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  1. Did you go into the bios and reenter all your settings for the PC? HDD and CPU settings?
  2. Eh, no, I only set the clock to the right time. But it was definitely detecting the HDD's properly. I'm pretty sure the BIOS autodetects everything in my setup, I've never needed custom settings...
  3. Was the original HDD setup for IDE, ACHI, or SATA. What do you have now?

    The BIOS may be physically detecting the HDD but not talking because the original communication protocol was set up differently than what is now (restoired defaults when the battery was pulled). SATA uses different ports on the MB so that is easy to verify. But I suggest trying the other 2 to verify correct setup.

    As well, make sure the bios is reporting the CPU and the RAM correctly. Also check that any installed optical drive is seen correctly in the BIOS.

    Anything else and I'm at a loss to explain.
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