Which processor is better?

Amd a8 llano quad core 3850 apu or. Amd 4100 black edition quad core ?
Which is better for gaming ?
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  1. Depends.

    The A8 is an APU which means it has onboard graphics, on the other hand the 4100 doesn't have on board graphics.

    However, the 4100 will be better in gaming.

    Have you considered any Phenom II X4's?
  2. nope was thinking about hybrid crossfiring between the onboard and a 6670
  3. Hmm...hybrid cross-firing means having the 6550D Radeon chip (on the A8 Llano) cross-fired with a 6670. So this means a low end card cross-fired with another low end card. You will very likely end up with a great deal of micro-stuttering in games if you crossfire (or SLI for nvidia) 2 low end cards. My advice, don't do it. Get 1 decent video card instead of 2 low end cards.
  4. Its ok , there not low end , there not extreme .. just good enought to run new games.
    I actually put the specs into sites to see if i can run it , and i can run crysis 2 , bf3 etc on high .
    So im good with that .
  5. There's no point of doing that though.

    I would pick up a Phenom X4 965BE and get a 6670.
  6. Why not ? Its better for me , i would think
  7. Im on. A budget. Its good enough for gaming compared to what i have . itll run games on high . No need for any more .
  8. Actually it won't run games on high. Not BF3 and Crysis 2.
  9. Runs high on my friends rig , same specs as me
  10. As long as it runs smooth its all good :)
  11. Depends on what resolution you intend to use. if it's 1280x720 or so it'll probably run those just fine on high, 1690x1050 and upwards forget about it.
  12. On a 20 in monitor
  13. amuffin said:
    Actually it won't run games on high. Not BF3 and Crysis 2.

    I agree. I know Phenom II's aren't made anymore but if you can find one it will perform better than both the 4100 and the APU. Pair the PhenomII with a good graphics card and it will play pretty much all games at high resolutions.
  14. Naw im sticking with llano, since im on a budget
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    Hey martinjr15, they're both great processor's but another you may want to consider is the AMD APU, read here for more:

    Good luck mate.
  16. BF3 is very CPU intensive (Multiplayer atleast, which is what 80% of us play) and a phenom + 6670 would yield 40ish on MEDIUM. i have a 460 and i get 40ish on HIGH. the APU with hyb.Xfire would get 30 on low. if that.. but toally different story on campaign. Choice is yours, mate. good luck.
  17. hey why dont you hold your horses and wait for trinity
    i read it too works with the hd 6670 (hybrid crossfire)
  18. Yea . No
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