First PC Build!!! Need multiple opinions/Overviews!!!

First ever pc build! after multiple people telling me to went from amd phenom ii x4 to intel core i3 2120. This build is for gaming (runescape), watching HD video, and just internet browsing. Let me know what you think and if you have a any other suggestions let me know. this was a budget of about 500 bucks but went a little over.

Mainly I just want to know if every part seems to be compatible, dont want to go through that headache of getting the parts and them not work together. Also if there's anywhere I can shave the price let me know!

also already have case and os

the build:


graphics card:

power supply (500w enough?) :




Cd drive:
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  1. Since this seems to be a sort of media PC I might suggest maybe a 750 gb - 1 tb HDD and a BluRay drive. You mention HD video and as BluRay disks become more popular you may find yourself in a spot where you want to watch one. The larger HDD is for storage, most media PC's have large HDD's because they actually download movies and what not, that takes up a lot of space. If you have a home theater already you probably don't need a BluRay drive. As for the power supply, I see a lot of first time builders going with this. It seems good enough, but I might spring for 80 plus gold certified so you can get decreased heat inside of your case and less power usage. Plus, it's not a modular PSU so you'll see quite a bit of cable cluttering if you have a small case, which I assume you do because of budget concerns. If your doing simply Runescape, that's written in Java I believe and Java is rather CPU/RAM intensive. I might go with a Radeon HD 7770 or 7750 because it performs about the same as the 550 ti, yet it's cheaper in some cases, stays cooler, and uses less power.

    Hope that helped. The rest seems great.

    8GB PNY Optima ram is $34.90 right now. ( I prefer Gskills myself but it would be a savings)

    The rest of your build is about right. No glaring holes

    I have that GPU, it runs WOW on ultra, Rift on high, Swtor on High. It will murder runescape in its overkill for runescape. Which is fine XD
  3. I feel like recommending this processor just because what your using this build for doesn't need that i3 and you can save yourself some money:

    Only problem is you'd have to change your mobo even though the G860 is socket 1155 the mobo you have wouldn't support it from what it says on newegg.

    I could of sworn i recommend the GTX 460 over the GTX 550 yesterday or earlier today to you lol. It performs better the 550 sucks seriously but then again your only using it for runescape and watching HD movies.

    Go with AlderonnX choice of RAM you can't go wrong with more RAM for less money.
  4. Good catch on the Ram, but I stick with my original conclusion of a 7770.
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