Not getting all my video memory?

Hi everyone

So u have an ATI Radeon HD 5670 video card 1gb ddr5 video card, but when i go to dxdiag and check my approx total memory for my video it only shows 712mb, i ran this card in my other comp, when it had windows 7 it read 2.8gb video memory with 4gb ram.

I also ran this card in the same computer but with windows XP and it read 1.3gb ram memory with 4gb ram

Now im running windows 7 with 8gb ram in a newer pc, and total approx memory is 712mb, why is it lower than before?
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  1. Did you install the latest drivers?
  2. to be honest with you, im not sure if it is the latest driver, i got the driver from, i know its a good driver, just dont know if its latest driver
  3. Download your driver from here and tell me if it fixed it, it's the GPU manufacturer's original website:
  4. Right click on desktop > pick Screen Resolution > click on Advanced Settings > go to tab called Adapter check there, total, dedicated, shared
    but its not like it matters anyway 1GB video card still going to be that,
    If you not sure what card you got, simply run GPUz program that will tell you for sure
  5. Gpu-z will also show the amount of vram the card has, without any windows' shared system ram stuff...
  6. k so i went to screen resolution advanced and adapter tab, this is what it says

    Total available graphics memory: 4822mb
    Dedicated video memory: 1024mb
    System video memory 0mb
    Shared system memory 3798mb
  7. ^^ see and you wore worried that windows stole your video ram, look how much it shared with you :)
  8. in dxdiag it showed 2.8gb video memory b4 on windows 7 why is it only showing 712mb now?
  9. maybe the "Approx." total memory is the clue my does not match to other numbers ether, so its Approximately right +- few gigs lol
  10. well my computer runs fine, and i can play any game i want without problems so far, so i guess its no big deal, ill just check the advanced settings on screen resolution from now on i guess, thx for all replies
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