Regarding fx 6100 ,AMD Phenom II 1055T on ASUS M5A88-M and 16gb (1600)

Hello Everyone ,

I am planing to built a pc for me. this is the 1st time I am planing to take AMD with ausu board. from beginning i was using Intel board and CPU.
I am an Oracle DBA and works with Linux,windows and oracle databases. main idea behind this pc is to make virtual machines with Linux and oracle at my home and in free times/ weekends Game playing like (crysis etc). till date i have made below mentioned configuration from after reading many articles and comments. I am confused because after ordering this products. I will not able to send them back or replace and in other hand i have very less money to bare any issue while changing the components. Kindly suggest me the good configuration or your views about it.

1st Presuppose : VMware virtual machines for linux (RHEL,Ubuntu )
2nd Presuppose : Gaming

Processor AMD Phenom II 1055T --------- or---------------- FX-6100 or any
RAM 16gb 1600 mhz (4 X Corsair XMS3 4 GB RAM (CMX4GX3M1A1600C9))
Motherboard ASUS M5A88-M
PSU Is required of i can use ordinary 320 v

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  1. go with x6 1055T and the mother board is good one
    you need a 500w power supply if you want to add a graphics card
  2. I agree the Phenom X6 is going to be better with 6 proper cores than the FX with its modules.
  3. Thanks for you reply and valuable comments , one more Q. DO this combination will support 16gb RAM 1600mhz. without any issues.
  4. yes it will support them without any issues
  5. corsair is good RAM brand go ahead and get it
  6. VM's run much better off of faster ram, meaning more channels.

    You will need two of those sticks for dual channel memory and performance.
  7. This board will support two dim of 8 gb rams
  8. This board will support two dim of 8 gb rams
  9. I would definitely go with the Phenom II 1055T. For what you want to do the Phenom II’s six real cores with a faster architecture will be better than the Bulldozer.
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