New gaming computer $1300-$1500 range

Approximate Purchase Date: within the month

Budget Range: Up to $1500 (including monitor)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the web, watching movies, Website building.

Parts Not Required: Dont need keyboard, mouse, speakers, internet security, Office, OS)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Needs to be Australian websites for parts ( MSY is a good site for cheap parts)

Country: Australia

Parts Preferences: Any parts from any makers, Would prefer not Dell thought

Overclocking: no

Monitor Resolution:1920x1080

Additional Comments: Would like my pc to be reasonably quiet, quad core 64bit, preferably i5 or i7, and 2tb storage if possible

Basically i want all the hardware inside of a computer case as well as a good case.

If you have a site to a good website that allows you to select parts with prices as you go i will also have a look at them. (have looked and have only seen one good selection site)

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    hello op

    this is build for you

    processor : Intel Core i5-2400 1155pin Boxed CPU


    motherboard : ASUS P8H61-M-LE-USB3 DDR3 USB3 Intel 1155pin Motherboard


    ram : Kingston HyperX 8G Kit(4Gx2) DDR3 1600 KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX


    hdd : WD 3.5" Green 1TB WD10EARX SATA3 64M 5400RPM HDD


    ssd : Patriot 64GB TORQX-2 "PT264GS25SSDR" SSD-128M Buffer, 270M Read


    odd : Lite-On SATA DVD RW - 1 Year Warranty


    graphic card : Powercolour 3GB 7970 PCI-E VGA Card


    power supply : Seasonic S12II-620Watt 80Plus Bronze Power Supply Unit


    case : Coolermaster SGC1000KWN1 SGC-1000 case without PSU


    monitor : Acer 24" V243HLABD 5ms Full HD DVI LED Backlight LCD Monitor


    TOTAL = $1473 :D

    the above build contains
    the fastest single gpu graphic card
    the best most bang for buck cpu
    the perfect motherboard
    the psu of the best psu maker
    the best monitor for its price and
    a case specially for gamers :o

    enjoy and post some pics :hello:
  2. Thanks for your reply, i have looked through your guide and do like it a lot, only thing im looking at changing is putting the graphics card down a bit in order to get a better processor such as I7.

    I will look more into it sometime in the next week when me and my friend can go through the list in more detail.

    If any1 else has any suggestions i will take a look into that as well.

  3. no no no dont get i7.

    I7 is nothing but i5 with hyperthreading.

    Games dont benifit from ht but they suffer in some cases.

    Even if u see a diff it will be of 2-5 fps.

    Ask anybody on toms they will point out at i5 2500k.

    If u are not going to over clock then 2500k is waste.
    Thats why i suggested 2400 as k suggest a unlocked processor which means they can oc .

    The build i suggested is perfect for u.

    If u oc and or put dual gpu then change the mobo to asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 and if ur budget permits then extreme4 :D
  4. ^he's right!
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