Thunderstorm killed my router power supply

Hi everyone,

During a thunderstorm I heard a loud PAF with a light from where all the computer wires are. The router (a D-Link DIR-615) doesn't work any more, I suppose its power supply is out of order. Not sure about the router itself.

Is it likely that only the power supply is gone ? Is t here a way to get some power supply from another device but with the same specs and plug it into the router ?
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  1. It is acctually possible take the cord to the local radioshak and see if they have a universal one that you can manually set the ps spec s on i know ive seen them before..
  2. If it fried the power supply, there's a good chance the router is toast as well. However, you should be able to use another power supply with the same output specs to test it and you probably can can find one at a thrift store like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Considering the vast array of random wall warts they carry, it will take some searching but, as long as the output specs and plug match, you don't need a brand name match.
  3. Ok thanks guys !
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