Trying to connect my PS3 and PC using a DVI - HDMI adapter

Hi guys, I just bought a PS3 after reading that my Dell 2407wfp rev A04 could handle the DVI - HDMI connection. But, it doesnt show any signal, at all.

I think (and I hope) that my problem is in the cable adapter I bought, here it is:

And, after watching this video:

I noticed that my cable adapter is different, cuz it has 25 pins instead of 19.

Please, tell me that Im right and I didnt buy a brick :p

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  1. that cable in the youtube video is DVI-D, not DVI-i,

    but it's only a stock picture, the calbe you have is fine

    Are you trying to get the ps3 to show up on your PC ? I don't understand.
  2. Im trying to use my LCD to get video from the PS3, but so far, no luck, I get no signal, and I read a lot of ppl that could hook up both without any problems.

    Maybe is a faulty cable.

    Edit.: The title is wrong, im not trying to connect my PC with my PS3, I only want to connect my PS3 to my LCD monitor.
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