Core i5 3550 vs. 3750 vs. 3750k?

I'm planning on building my first pc.
I probably won't be overclocking, but I'd like to have the option. Is there any good reason to buy the non-k cpu? Does the k version lack anything important? (I've added the 3550, because the 3750 is not as easy to find.)
PS. I'll be running linux.
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  1. The only difference between a ''K'' and a non K is the possibility of overclocking. Also the price. So if you will not overclock then buy a non K and save a few bucks
  2. the "K" in the CPU just means that it is "unlocked" so you can overclock it MUCH more than the none "K" versions... I would just get the 3750k just to have the option to overclock in the future because you never know when you are going to want it...
  3. For the $20 difference between the 3550 and 3570K (on Newegg) there's really no reason NOT to get the 3570K, IMO.
  4. Thanks guys, if the money is the only difference, I'll be going with the K.
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