CPU Usage Constantly Around 25%

I have an i7 2600k overclocked to 4.4 ghz. When I turn my system on, after about 5 or so seconds my CPU Usage bumps up to 25% but in task manager no processes are running that are using anywhere near that usage. The highest usage process is explorer.exe which is taking only about 15,000-30,000 K which is barely anything.

I'm not sure why this is happening but I think it might have something to do with the drivers.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)
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    Size of the code has nothing to do with usage. Are you sure you are looking at "CPU" when watching the process list?
  2. Oh, that was the problem. I had two programs with 13 under 'CPU' but everything else was 00. When I ended them, my usage dropped to 0%. Thanks!
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