Is my system overheating? Speedfan Screenshot

Hey guys, my pc has been lagging and freezing.

It received this error continous for a couple of times "display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

I've only overclocked the graphic card and now its at stock settings, the system doesn't have any after cooler, so I need you guys to check if its overheating

Here are the specs

Amd x4 BE 955
Powercolor 5770 1gb
coolermaster Psu 650
Samsung 500GB Spinpoint F3

Thank you for your help
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    The "display driver has stopped responding" thing may just be caused be a driver bug. Have you downloaded the newest drivers from AMD's website? I had the same problem with one of my nvidia cards, and after installing the newest drivers, it was fixed.
  2. +1 for the drivers. the screenshot you provided shows the GPU running ice cold at 32C... my 9600gt idles at 50C and peaks out stock at 80C (YEAH FOR MSI AFTERBURNER FAN CONTROLS! lowering my peak temps OC to 70ish )
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  4. Yeah, I did a fresh driver reinstall and the error didn't come up anymore, thanks guys
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