Core i5 2500k @ 15 Ghz - Need help


First of all. I am not a troll.

I was compressing a 21gb worth of files to rar using WinRAR and I opened up CoreTemp..

To my surprise, it listed on Frequency something like this... 15610.39Mhz(446.01x35.0).

Im so confused. My temps are OK, maxing out on 66C.

I would like to provide the screenshot but im still finding a way to upload the pic.

Please help me if anyone know an explanation of this.

Is my cpu alright?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Use Tinypic, Photobucket, etc. to upload the pic to and then you can post it here.
  2. Its here

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    Yeah, I'd say that's just a crazy glitch...
  4. Yeah i hope so. it seems fine so far. Compression is 63% finished now.
  5. I have had similar odd readings on my i7 860 which has sometimes appeared at 9 GHz. Must be a glitch with Core Temp as otherwise your computer would be in flames :)
  6. i think its really a glitch. i downloaded 'all cpu meter' gadget and it gave me a 3.3 ghz reading.

    Thanks for all the replies.
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  8. You're welcome. :)
  9. compare the core temps readings to cpu-z readings. I bet the CPU-z will be correct.
  10. You can tell it's incorrect as it shows (446x34) to get the freq.
    The 446.01 should be 100. The base Bclock can only be changed by a small amount.
    The 446 is very close to what would be the Freq applied to ram, but then for DDR3-1600 that should be 400 . 446 would equate closely to DDR3-1800
  11. Try the Core Temp RC3.
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