Auto Shutdown :/

Hi there,
I'm currently having an issue with my cpu auto shutting down when I enter games such as BF3 and D3(all on low settings).

Here are my specs:
i7 2600 processor
GA-PA65-UD3-B3 - Gigabyte Motherboard
Msi R6770 graphic card
GeminII S524 cpu cooler
Xigmatek NRP-VC503(500w) PSU
2 HDD = 1.5TB / 2 DDR3 (cant rmb how many ram but doubt it matters)

Recently just gotten the GeminII as I thought it was a heating problem because in the past I used to open side panel with my air-con on in order to play without shutting down. But problem still persist after getting new cooler and applying new Thermal Paste "Arctic Silver 5"(without side panel removed and air-con turned on)

Also been trying to enter BIOS to see if my cpu fan speed is at 100 but I have no idea how.. Starting to think if it is shortage of power from PSU because it's only 500w. My gpu itself states min450w.

Please give me your thoughts really tempted to get a new PSU, but then again if it doesnt help im kinda wasting $$ :cry:

Link to my setup:
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  1. While you are probably right about the PSU being the problem you should really arm yourself with some facts instead of guesswork when you are troubleshooting. First I recommend using the monitoring program that came with your motherboard or one of many free tools to keep track of your CPU and GPU temperatures and your voltages. Then download and run one of the many free benchmarking tools and watch what happens to your temperatures and voltages under load. It also couldn't hurt to check your event manager. The shutdown might be happening for a completely different reason. If after all that you still can't figure out what the problem is then it is very likely the power supply.
  2. Could you recommand me a benchmarking tool to use? I do have CoreTemp atm, out of the 4 core temp highest around 42< when I have only browers and msn open. Maybe due to I'm in Singapore and it's always pretty warm I have no idea how to get it in the range of 30 or less. I do have GPU Temp also 41degree at this state. Usually in BF3 I tired alt+tab-ing to see temp and I have notice my 4cores can reach up to 59 or so weather it hits 60 or more I am not sure never seen 60 appearing. Maybe I'll wait for a month or so for my arctic silver 5 to "break-in". Thanks for replying :)
  3. FYI : Managed to entered BIOS to set CPU fan speed at full all the time.

    Problems atm:
    Cpu auto shut down when gaming(BF D3) as stated above.

    Thanks for reading!
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