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Hey All,

I am hoping that someone can offer some advice please?!

I was as is usually the case yesterday, to accept 8 important updates when I cam to close down my PC. I did this and after a while it closed down no problem. However, today upon starting, it was saying "preparing desktop" and it was as though I had done a clean install with all my icons gone from the task bar, and no wallpaper appearing either? I have since read online that other people were having problems including BSoD etc?!

I have since using system restore, gotten it back to normal although I have had to ignore the updates again so as not to end up at square one?!

Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening, and should I avoid the updates?

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  1. install them one at the time to find witch one is causing this
  2. I think you have a point?! I was hoping not to have to go through this potentially 8 times in order to find out what is causing the problem?!

    I will do it over the weekend, as won't have time during the week!!

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