Is this normal for a core i3-2100?

is this a perfect or normal core speed of my core i3-2100 sandy bridge, i did not do anything with it, just bit confuse, noob here..

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  1. It's fine. That's the idle speed because of SpeedStep. :)
  2. Yes, it's running perfectly. For the last few years all the Core processors have employed Speedstep which reduces the voltage and multiplier (and therfore the processor speed) so the processor uses less power when it is idle. It ramps both right back up again when it needs the speed.
  3. whoa got a scared their for a bit, just use the cpu z, after downloading i was shock it is on that speed, never did anything on the bios or anything.. thanks guys for the quick response..
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    Just to make you feel more at ease, this is my 2500K at idle

    One thing though, I highly doubt that your core voltage is REALLY 2.232V, lol.
  5. thank you DJDeCiBeL, now i can sleep at ease lol
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  7. You're welcome. :)
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