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PC stuck on 1-second power-cycle

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March 14, 2012 4:18:18 PM

Hello, my computer recently got stuck in a power-cycle where the fans and power cycle in about 1 second intervals.
My computer last worked correctly about 4 days ago before we moved. I clicked on "shut down" but the computer wouldn't shut off, only restart. I had disabled the power button in the front from being able to shut of the computer (have 3 kids that love to push buttons) so I had to flip the switch on my power supply to get the system to shut off so it could be packed and moved to our new location.
My motherboard doesn't have a speaker to it so I can't tell if any beeping is involved, but my power supply has an LED in it and with the tower case open I can see the LED flashing about every second, and the PSU and HSF fans spin seemingly almost constantly because of the rapid looping.
These are the specs that I can easily check without further dismantling my machine:
CPU is a P4 but can't recall the specs on it.
Motherboard is an MSI N 1996
Ram is Apacer 2GB DDR2
CPU cooler is a fan, it's a Cooler Master 12MM
Video Card is a EVGA GeForce 9800GT 512MB DDR3 (PCI-E)
PSU is a Rocketfish 550W (RF-550WPS)
Using 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB HDDs
Operating system is Win7 Ultimate 32-bit
Case - not sure on this one
Additional components: MagicJack used in USB port and use headphones w/ mic for sound since the system has no speakers.

Steps taken so far:
Last night I stripped it down to nothing but the CPU, HSF and PSU (had the bios battery out for a good while while disassembling the case components). With just those items connected, I was able to get it to stop power cycling. I turned the power off and inserted the Ram, again the PSU LED stayed constantly lit. I installed the video card and hooked up the monitor, the PSU LED stayed lit. I then installed the mouse (grabbed the wrong USB cord thinking it was the keyboard), then the keyboard, then the HDDs and the DVD Rom drive (not sure on the make of it). Everything seemed like it was perfect but it was getting really late so I shut the pc down, closed the case up and went to bed. This morning I moved the pc to where it is supposed to be at, and plugged the tower and monitor cords in to the power strip. I also hooked up the ethernet cord to my router. When I went to power on my pc, I would push the button and the fans and LED would blink once, then nothing else. I opened the case back up and started repeating the same process that I did last night, but when I put it back together again I get the rapid 1-second power cycle that I had before. So now even with only the PSU, CPU and HSF plugged in, I can't get the computer past the power cycling. I've tried both removing the battery from the BIOS for a good length of time (5 minutes +) and moving the jumper located by the battery to posts 2&3 for about the same length of time, but neither seems to have any effect.
Thank you for taking the time to look this over, and any help is greatly appreciated. All the components in this pc are roughly 5 years old except the video card which was purchased just over a year ago and the PSU which is about 9 months old.

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March 14, 2012 4:55:16 PM

I have run into this issue 2 times with diffrent components being the issue. The first time it was the power supply and the second time it was the processor. That is were I would start looking anyway. Third if both of those check out would be motherboard.

a b B Homebuilt system
March 14, 2012 5:13:02 PM

Try resetting the cmos also, or just pull the battery for a bit, then replace and try to reboot.
March 14, 2012 5:26:07 PM

Chaz21 said:
Try resetting the cmos also, or just pull the battery for a bit, then replace and try to reboot.

Was kind of hoping that this would fix it, seemed like it worked last night. Took the battery out and gonna let it set for a while, possibly overnight, but since I've tried this a couple times today it's just kind of wishful thinking on my behalf I fear. Gonna check in to some combo packages for Motherboard and CPU, maybe find a good deal on the pair and a slight upgrade in the process, who knows lol.