3770k or 3930k for the same price for SLI

Ok, I've been working on a build for the past several weeks in anticipation of the Asus Maximus V Formula/Extreme releasing, but its kind of escalated a bit above my initial budget lol. I bought a bunch of the parts already, but was waiting for my motherboard still.

CM Storm Trooper
2x GTX 680 (Asus DC2TOP)
16GB (2x8) G.Skill TridentX 2400
OCZ Vertex4 256GB
Corsair H100 (Will eventually replace with a full loop)
Seasonic Platinum 1000W

Now... I just got offered a trade for a 3930K for my 3770K, both new. Which would be the better option here if both have the same cost. I'll be going with the Rampage IV Extreme. The main reason I'm considering it is because I currently have 1 2560x1440 Monitor, and was thinking about buying two more in the near future to run 7680x1440, and I think I would need a 3rd 680 to handle that. The X79s offer more PCI-E channels without going through a PLX Switch like the Z77s need, and the Maximus V Extreme would be releasing at $410 (http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=26_722&item_id=050369) , which is only $20 less than the Rampage. I can swap out the ram for something quad channel if I make the switch.

What do you guys think would be the better performer for 2way (and possibly 3way) SLI with 680s for very high resolution gaming?
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  1. I'll probably be running them at 4.6-4.8ghz, mainly for high res gaming, but a bunch of video recording/editing as well, I fraps and create quite a few gaming vids. May go with 32gb if I get the x79 and create a ramdrive to load certain games commonly accessed files off of.
  2. If its the same cost then a 3930k would be much better especially since you would be able to use the extra cores for video editing.
    And either way both are great for gaming.

    I know the people are saying why do you need a hexa core when a quad is all u need for gaming, i remember asking a similar question a while while back, i was told a e8500 is all u need instead of a quad like q6600, but sooner or later the extra cores will come in handy even in gaming but thats just my opinion.

    Good luck on your choice :) wish you the best on your build :)
  3. I'd think its fast enough with Superfetch and SSD that a RAM disk won't be much of an improvement..especially if you get the CPU up to 4.6+ with 32GB RAM..

    Sandy Bridge-E seems to have issues with PciE 3.0 on some boards, and Asus P9X79 Pro detected my GTX670 as 2.0 with the 3930k even with the Gen 3 patch.
    I do know SB-E would need less cooling at 4.6 than a 3770 would...
  4. Did the trade, so now I've got a 3930k :D need to pick up a Rampage IV Extreme some time this weekend or next week and I'll be able to get everything up and running. I've still got the trident x ram though, but maybe I'll have some luck with that on the X79, crossing my fingers lol
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