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GTX 580 w/650watt psu


Thinking about getting a GTX 580, something like this one:

My system as it exists now:

i5-2500K @4.5GHz
P8Z68-V Pro motherboard
8GB DDR3 RAM (1333)
7200 RPM HDD
650 Watt Antec Earthwatts PSU - 2 x 12v rails @38A each
no discrete video card - just using Intel's IG 3000

- I would like to be sure that my power supply will handle this card, while overclocking my 2500K.
- I think that the 580's stated current draw is 42A; does that mean no-go for my power supply, or - as I think most 580's have 2 pci-e 8-pin connectors, will the psu deliver the required amps between the two connectors?
- According to one of the online psu calculators, 650 watt power supply is enough and then some for the setup I have in mind.

Will it have enough juice, or do I have to go to a 570 or 560ti? I don't think I can hold out for several more months until Kepler gpu's start making it into the mainstream.
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    The min PSU for the 580 is 600w. You have a nice PSU. Did those calculators take in account the OC ing you are going to do? You might just be border line. But with that kind of money in the card. I might step up to a 950w just in case you SLI in the fucture. Just a thought. And good luck
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