I have installed COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO on my 1155 motherboard. It seems everything on it own place and heat-think is tighten BUT it can be moved\turned a little. Is it supposed to be that way?
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  1. How much is "a little"? If it can only be turned slightly with a bit of force, that's ok (mine can be too with a good amount of force), but if you can easily move it, it's not.
  2. DJDeCiBeL said:
    mine can be too with a good amount of force

    it rather like that. It doesn't wiggle under its own weight not can be moved with light push. I can move it if i push from both sides applying more than light force to two top across corners
  3. yep as already said its normal for that heatsink to do that
  4. Thanks )
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