Will my imac run battlefeild 3?

Will my i mac run battlefield 3 with Intel i3 3.2ghz/ATI Radeon HD 5670 or should i get it on my Xbox 360 or ps3?
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  1. Well, your first problem is that Battlefield 3 is not on Mac.
    And your second problem is, even if it was on Mac, your Mac would not be able to run it due to its specs.

    So to answer your question, yes, buy it on XBOX 360 or PS3, or you could consider buying a real PC which most games are made for.
  2. Your processor is fine but that 5670 is going to hold you back a lot. I'm using it currently with a i3 2100 and I'm getting around 30-40 fps with dips into the 20s. I'd highly recommend you upgrade to a 6770 or 6850 but I don't know if that's possible on a Mac
  3. I guess it will run, but it won't look pretty.
    Is that a 27" iMac? Because you won't be able to run it at 2560x1440.

    If you want to get back into PC gaming, you could use your iMac as an external monitor for a Windows PC. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an all-in-one, but you can use your iMac for work, surfing the web, etc. and switch between your Mac and your PC with the press of a button.

    Still my personal dream... if I could afford a 27" iMac :)
  4. Hello, one thing you should do is sell your Imac and get a PC. Mac aren't that good for gaming and will be more not good when you are playing BF3. Since it's not in mac.

    Also I suggest not buying xbox 360 or ps3, get a PC :).
  5. yes its a 27inch iMac and i have a Xbox 360 and ps3 if that answers your question molo9000 i guess i do have a sony vaio laptop with nvida geforce 410m but im pretty sure that wont run battlefield 3 so i do have PC desktop with intel i7 with Nvidia gt 220 will that work? if not guess ill get it on the consoles
  6. im not selling this beautiful imac in my opinion mac is better i was always a mac hater until i got one the 2011 iMac runs battlefield 3 with the choice of AMD radeon HD 6970 battlfeild 3 loooks great on that from what i have seen
  7. but sadly i have the 2010 model or 2009 model some were around there
  8. Upgrade your PC with the i7 and ditch the GTS 220 for a 5850 or 6850-70 if you can afford that.
  9. Sell imac
    build pc
  10. The imacs are just a laptop in a screen that run Osx, you need a decent pc to run BF3.
  11. get it on console
  12. the consoles also don't run the game well.

    bf3 on ps3 looks like *** and it looks slightly better on 360.
  13. Just get it for console.

    Never heard of a mac with a 6970. Best I've seen is crossfire 5770s (or 6770s now I guess)
  14. wolfram23 said:
    Just get it for console.

    Never heard of a mac with a 6970. Best I've seen is crossfire 5770s (or 6770s now I guess)

  15. :lol:

    Because apple isn't generous. You can get Eurocom sir...
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