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Hey, i'm looking to get a new desktop and decided to build my own. So anyway here are the parts i chose:
Radeon 6770
8gb (2*4) ddr3 ram
and 64 gb SSD
600w psu

This plus windows 7 OEM an optical drive the case and the motherboard brought me to 571$ if I were to buy them today (found some good deals). However, i just recently saw this
with a better processor and some other nice features. So what i thought is if I picked up a 6770 and a good power supply to go with this one it would be better and around the same price. Am I correct or am i missing something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

O, btw I have a 500gb HDD at home so the SSD would just be for the operating system and some software / games. Thanks in advance.

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  1. O... seams the computer is out of stock now... :(
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