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Well i was originally going to go with this case:

I'm just wondering if for that price I can get better. I know this case is a great case but it seems to plan I wanted something that stands out without losing features. Any suggestions are welcome. I might be willing to push to $100 on the case but if I can stay at the $80 mark I'd be better off. Again ANY suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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  1. A case is a personal thing. Get one that speaks to you. You will be looking at it for a long time.
    Bust your budget if you need to for a case that you lust after.

    Look at Silverstone, NZXT and lian li for some better quality cases.

    For example, here is a lian li Lancool PC-K7B for $79:
  2. I agre with Geofelt. Get somthing you will love looking at. You do however want to make sure its built well and has the features you like.

    Personally I Like the Bitfenix's higher end cases

    The shinobi would be around the 80 dollar mark
  3. for $100 check out:

    Fractal MIDI ARC
    Zalman z9 plus
    Corsair 400r (500r if a deal is on)
    The one you picked is a good case. or anything from the coolermaster HAF series.
    300r and I believe there is a corsair 550D
  4. Personally, I have found Rosewill cases to be higher quality than Crappermaster. Their fans are quiet, but move enough air.
    Ok, that was an opinion. Here's a fact: Crappermaster still puts liar-labels on some of their PSUs, or claims there are protection circuits that are actually missing. This was found in competent technical reviews at HardwareSecrets. That's dishonest, pure and simple. Back to opinion, I think they don't deserve anyone's business, for any of their products. Fortunately, they have competition offering equivalent (or superior) products at similar prices. In the low-mid range, check out Rosewill cases. Moving up, there's Antec, Silverstone, and Lian Li. I agree with geofelt that you want a case you can stand to look at, and stand to hear, for an extended period of time.
    I have an Enermax Hoplite that I like. It is quiet (I added a low-RPM top fan as well), and has a lot of drive mounting options, including a two-drive backplane and a top SATA dock. It lacks front USB 3.0 ports though, which may or may not matter to you.
  5. I wouldn't grab anything that doesn't come with a USB 3.0 port on the front (CM690, HAF-922 don't for example) . That eliminates a lot of the budget level popular cases where the manufacturer has for whatever reason decided to ride a wave of old "good reviews" and not invest upgrading their product.

    Ya can get these for close to $100 when deals are on but right now:

    $114 Antec 902 V3

    $125 Corsair 500R (400R doesn't pass muster - See Tweaktown reviews)
  6. For $60, here's an example of a Rosewill case that includes 2x front USB 3.0:
  7. Thanks for your suggestions fellas I've been looking threw the cases comparing and crossing out which ones i won't be getting and which ones I'm likely going to choose. I'm going to keep this thread open a little while longer in case anyone else has suggestions.
  8. The Corsair 500R White is really growing on me but I feel like something is missing.
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