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Hello all,

Since my old motherboard decided to die on me, i am left with a Q6600 and 2 pair of Rams - 1 is 2x1g Nvidia SLI 1066mhz and 2x1g Corsair 800Mhz and an ATI 4890

I already got a new completely different build but i have been wanting to make a 2nd build for some time now.

My question is: Should i buy a normal DDR2 mobo to use with my q6600 and with the rams i already have or get a DDR3 Mobo which supports 1066mhz ddr3 since said cpu can support up to 1066mhz of ram.

In case i buy ddr3 mobo i was considering buying 2x4g ddr3 1066mhz ram.

The price of the ddr2 and ddr3 mobo's is more or less the same for the same specifications. So i would have to pay extra for the DDR3 rams.

Will that upgrade worth it or i won't see much difference ?

Will also most propably oc the cpu to 3.00Ghz.
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  1. You wont see much difference at all.
    Personally I'd sell the core2quad (and ram) on an auction site and use the money to buy something like a g860 with a modern (but cheap) motherboard - that would allow me to upgrade it in a year or two. Socket 775 is pretty dead now.
  2. I see, i usually avoid selling anything but that sounds like a good idea.
  3. Good advice

    I am about to sell my PC's components and upgrade my system also

    Currently you can get a reasonable price for the Q6600

    Here in the UK on ebay they sell for about £45 (USD $70)

    The 2x1g Nvidia SLI 1066mhz (I have 2 sets of this RAM to sell also) is worth about £20 (USD $31)

    should go a fair way towards a system with about twice the processing power - and also will save on your electricity bills too - one of the main reasons I want to upgrade as will save me £9.50 (USD $14.84) a month

    I think we pay a lot more for electricity in the UK the our US neighbours
    last time I checked my bills was about £0.13 ($0.20) per KW/hour

    and I should get a lot more folding@home points as a small bonus ;)
  4. I have never considered electricity as a reason for upgrading my pc but it sounds very reasonable.

    It's time to start checking for some new hardware x)
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